NetServerMon v3.0 (5.2 MB)



NetServerMon is an extremely versatile and easy to use utility designed specifically for your Netware Servers.

It allows you to view NDS partitions on one or more servers. You can monitor server utilization for one or more servers on one easy to read screen. View and compare your SET parameters across different servers. Compare NLM versions across many servers. You can display volume usage, User connections, and file open/lock activity. You can send a broadcast message to selected users, or clear selected connections. You can view and print your Abend log.

You can save all information to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files for import to a spreadsheet or database for further analysis or manipulation.

  • Features Include:
    • Server Information. See server and DS versions for all servers on one screen. You can determine if your support packs are the same and if your DS versions are all the same.
    • Server Utilization. Monitor server utilization for multiple servers on one screen
    • Partition Information. See what Partitions are on a server and the current state of those partitions
    • List Loaded NLMs. See and compare loaded NLMs on multiple servers and determine version differences quickly
    • View SET parameters. Look at SET parameters for multiple servers and quickly see differences.
    • See Volume Usage Information. See your volume sizes, space usage, and free space quickly and easily.
    • Get User Connection information. See all user connections on one screen. Sort by Reads, Writes, or Requests. Use automatic refresh to see your busiest users.
    • Determine who has a file open or locked and send a message to those users, or clear their connections.
    • View ABEND log entries individually.
    • Save Results. You can save your results to a CSV file for import into a spreadsheet or database for further analysis.

System Requirements