Bux Manager v3.5

BuxMgr.zip (2.4 MB)



Bux Manager is a simple, easy to use personal finance management system. Bux Manager will allow you to organize and track recurring bills so you never forget a bill again. It has a Spending and Budget feature which allows you to determine where your money is going on a monthly basis. It will easily and quickly accommodate automatic deposits and payments. It has a robust search feature which allows you to perform simple or complex searches easily.

  • Features Include:
    • Manage an unlimited number of accounts of different types
    • Easily view the status of all your accounts on one screen
    • Built-in budget feature provides a clear view of your spending, and automatically graphs your spending against your budget
    • Drill down into Budget categories to see just where your money is going
    • Makes "auto-pay" transactions completely hassle-free
    • Create regularly occurring transactions so you never forget a bill again
    • Find records fast using the robust Search feature
    • Backup and Restore Accounts
    • Transfer between accounts
    • Create an unlimited number of Categories
    • Flag transactions or categories for taxes
    • View and print Tax items for Tax purposes

System Requirements